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Firstly This plan is supposed to be a post-paid plan but thats a LIE. Its actually a prepaid plan. So in a sense all plans at Tata Indicom Boradband are prepaid plans!! DO NOT buy any postpaid plans from them!! All post-paid plans are in essense Prepaid.

I paid 6620 in advance for 4 months of rental. At the end of 3 month I was sent a bill of 1800 rupees. On calling the help-desk I was told that the 1 month is taken as advance rental and will be "adjusted" at the time of disconnection. On being asked if I disconnect the connection today, will the remaining amount be returned to me. The answer was NO. The amount will only be "adjusted". On asking him to clarify on what adjusted means, he asked me to write a e-mail to the customer support for clarifications. Needless to say, God only know when e-mails will be replied to.

Since the last date for payment at any time is 15 days after the bill is generated, you will never be able to make use of internet equal to the amount of money that you have paid. Thats pretty cool for Tata's point of view. They are actually running the business on stolen money. Stolen because you never agreed to pre-pay.

The speed is supposed to be 512 kbps, but at any given point of time the download speed hovers about 50 kbps only.

The connectivity is really unreliable. It goes down many times a day and the common refrain from the customer support is that the "server is down". This is a NO GO for those running SOHOs.

The customer help desk is actually very unhelpful. Firstly it takes many calls to even get through to the billing department. Actually I realized that their work timings might be different from normal human beings. They are unreachable before 11 AM, and after 4:30 PM.

Go for it only at your own peril.

Summary: Postpaid is actually prepaid, Lost money on services not used, Lousy Connectivity, lousy speed, not suitable for self employed, SOHO.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I also have a similar experience with Tata Indicom. They are cheating the Consumers by calling the Pre-Paid as Post Paid.

Can we approach TRAI in this regard???

Also the customer support is pathetic. In short the worst experience among various broadband connections I had in the past. The customer care staff is like a robot, meant to repeat some pre written line and doesn't understand anything you want to explain.

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