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Dear Sir,

I am the person who has been given a mental stress and fooled by the tata people.

I am having 3 connection of tata broadband. My id is kahan_shah@vsnl.net and my complain no is 5244846.

1st of all they have given me a second hand used router when i got a new connection but i respect tata so i didn't said anything. now its not working since 6months.

I have complaint millions of the time. What they people do, they comes in the middle of the noon even after a clear instruction that please call before you come.

After acting of checking the things they are telling we are coming in 5 minutes and never turnedup. I am facing this problem and no one is ready to take the responsibility.

I used to respect Mr. Ratan Tata and he was my ideal but now no more.

I think his stratagy is to cheat the people and make money to become the richest.

Very bad attitude and irrisponsible people.

I am giving you 48hrs to help me and resolve this issue or i am filing a case at CERC Ahmedabad and consumer forum and a personals court for mental stress given by tata.

Shame on TATA.


Kahan Shah

+91 9924039444


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Hi Guys! I was in Muvattupuzha, Kerala, India, for 3 months recently. 'Unfortunately', I purchased a mobile phone and a USB internet modem (both with connections) from TATA INDICOM. The service, probably, is worse that any telecom company can ever give you. A bigger shock is when you get monthly bills much beyond your imagination. Over and above that, when you approach their customer 'care', the response is much worse than that would expect from typical sarkari baboos that we encounter in our government offices. Finally, I wanted to get out...but, they delayed the disconnection process to such an extent that I had to pay them the rent for many extra days that I did not even use the connection.

If you are not particular that you will learn only from your own personal mistake (I was particular!), be cautious of Tata Indicom folks. They can trap you, your friends, or relatives. Just pass on this message if you feel it worthy. Sorry if I am spamming you.

Babu George

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