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Dear Sir,

Had taken a Tata indi com wireless card last year on a prepayment scheme of one year by prepaying an amount of INR 7490.

since the services of the company were pathetic and gave me only headache i decided to terminate the services one month before the actual complition of the yearly cycle which was fully paid for by me, and requested for a INR 500 re fund of the security deposit which I had paid.

To my dismay the services were discontinued how ever i got a letter from Tata Indi com collection lawyer threatning me to pre pay for ther next year as well complete amount of 7490 INR.

on explaining to him that had already requested for the disconnection of the services and do not wish to continue again this year hence no reason to prepay again this year as i do not want there services , i received another letter from him as well as there collection goons started calling me and threatning me that they will burn my house , kidnap me etc etc if i did not pre pay for this year as well.''i am mentally harrsed , tourchered and shocked , pl help me as have never come across such goons in a company which i though was of repute.

look forward to a favourable responce from your end.

Monetary Loss: $7490.

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